The Dumbest Mistake You Can Make as a First Time CBD Buyer.

People who are a first time CBD Buyer often make one classic mistake when purchasing. It results in wasting money and not getting any results. As in ZERO results. At all.

The Great Mistake: “I haven’t used CBD before so I should buy a product that is less strong. I don’t want to waste a bunch of money on a strong CBD product, what if CBD doesn’t work for me?” 

If I had a dollar for how many people I meet that tell me CBD didn’t work for them… 

However, my response is always, “how much CBD was in the product you purchased?” The answer I get without fail every time is a product that is EXTREMELY low in mg of CBD. They take products that are completely useless and then tell everyone CBD didn’t work for them. OH PA LEA SE…

In our experience, the only way CBD doesn’t work for people is when they don’t use a product that has enough CBD in it! With CBD, less is simply less, or not even effective at all!

Consequently, buying a CBD product with half the amount of CBD that it should have will result in nothing. Yes, as in you won’t feel any-thing! 

After having ran a retail store for over 3 years, we have found that our most happy first-time buyers had purchased the strongest products that we have. Why? Simple:

CBD is not an intoxicant or a narcotic pain reliever that depletes your ability to function. More, in this case, is better. 

That is why CBD is widely used by law enforcement, firefighters, nurses, doctors and athletes. They know and understand that they can function at a high level with no adverse effects or impairment in motor or sensory skills. 

Don’t Test the Waters

Seriously, the water is nice and warm. If you want to see what CBD can really do or how it can help you, DO NOT TEST THE WATER. Jump in! 

As a first time CBD buyer, you should buy a product that has the most mg of CBD per ml that you can find. 

The thing is that you can always walk back your dose or use less. That is the beauty of buying CBD. You get to decide how much you need based on how it makes you feel. 

CBD isn’t a prescriptive medication. It’s a natural product. Everyone metabolizes differently and each person has a unique body chemistry. Sure, you’ll have to do some testing to find your ideal dosing or usage and that’s ok. You will be ok because CBD, although it’s a close cousin of marijuana, the two are nothing alike. So, jump in and swim like a fish my friends… Jump in.

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