SOME CBD PRODUCTS DON’T WORK (spoiler alert: ours do)

We have been running a retail and online CBD store, selling CBD products for 4 years now. But when we first started selling CBD, we sold the same CBD products that everyone else did. Unfortunately, they were products that were badly underserved with the ingredient that helps the most, which incidentally is CBD. Imagine that.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

In 2018 we were a new company that didn’t know much about CBD products. We had our products formulated similarly to the rest of the industry, but we learned quickly that products underserved with CBD don’t provide customers with the results they are looking for.  They don’t do enough. It is as simple as that.  

Knowing is Half the Battle

Over time we began having our product formulation chemist begin bumping up the amount of CBD in each CBD product until our clients were giving us great feedback and repurchasing the CBD products over and over again. They were having the results they were hoping for and sending friends and family to us based on their confidence. Finally!

Fast forward to 2022, our business has transformed, grown and evolved into a company unlike the rest of the industry. We have a trust that transcends good business practice. People know us because we sell products that work really really well. Seriously.

In some cases our product line has up-to 6 times more CBD than 95% of the industry does! Check it out, this is what our best-selling CBD products look like today:

Topical CBD Roll-On: 6000mg CBD Roll-On (Our best-selling CBD product)
Topical CBD Balm: 4000mg (Our best-selling CBD ointment)
CBD Oils: 2500mg & 4000mg (Our top-selling tincture oils)
CBD Gummies: 50mg per gummy. Not the average gummy (Double the CBD of average gummies)

What we learned about ingestible CBD Oils over 3 years of research:

Day in and day out, we see that people who purchase CBD products with at least (83.3mg per serving) are the ones who keep coming back.

Also, we now know that for CBD oils, the sweet spot is right at 2500mg of CBD (83.3mg per day), or 4000mg (133.3mg per day) for those with intensive needs. 

Today, 95% of all our sales and repeat business for our ingestible CBD oils comes from 2500mg and 4000mg CBD. We found that those people who continued to use CBD products at a minimum of 83.3mg per day simply had the results they were hoping for. Good Stuff!

What we learned about topical CBD Oils over 3 years of research:

People with intensive needs that used products containing at least 6000mg of CBD per 60ml were the most satisfied with the results. 

People who had lesser needs for a topical product were most satisfied with the results of at least 4000mg per 1.70oz. 

We also found that more than half the people who used our topical products had previously tried other topical CBD products with little effectiveness and impact. 

If you do a quick search on the internet, it will show that other companies’ products simply lack the appropriate amount of CBD per oz (to achieve the desired outcome). Other companies just don’t do enough. Mind-blown! In this case…More really is More. Case closed.

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