bZen Organics is a company that was born out of compassion and the need to fill a void. The owners of bZen Organics are no strangers to business. They have spent the last decade immersed in passion projects. “For us, business is about more than money. We started bZen Organics with the mindset of helping people and animals to live their best life.”

In 2017 they discovered CBD while producing and spearheading a film project. Stress, lack of sleep, and working 70 plus hours a week took a toll on them over the grueling 3-year process. 


“We felt that we had been failed by traditional methods and were searching for answers. We heard about CBD and were cautiously optimistic. The more we looked for answers about CBD, the more questions we had. Reliable information was and still is difficult to come by. In the CBD industry, it is difficult to know who you can trust.”

A Defining Discovery

As their search for answers continued, they began to educate themselves on the CBD industry. They were introduced to the largest vertically-integrated manufacturer, producer, and distributor of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in North America.


”This company took CBD to another level. Every aspect was cutting edge: from the patent-pending extraction process of removing all trace amounts of THC and contaminants to optimized bioavailability. This was no ordinary product, this was like CBD 2.0.”


After months of R&D, they felt that they had found something special, worth sharing with the world and bZen Organics was born. 

Not Just Another CBD Company

The top priority of bZen Organics is to take the guesswork out of the consumer’s journey and to simplify the learning curve. 


“We discovered ways to provide consumers indisputable proof of quality and verify that what’s on the label actually matches what’s in the bottle.”


“Although many companies are now making lab reports available, what they are showing you is only the CBD itself. This type of lab report is useless on a consumer level as it doesn’t verify all of the ingredients that go into your product. Our lab reports test each batch and every product individually for quality and purity.”


“Our products’ 3rd party lab reports are prominently displayed on our website and we utilize QR Code Verification on every product as well.”


bZen Organics has raised the bar for quality, transparency and set the standard for consumer education.

bZen Organics is part of a shortlist of companies that sell premium USDA Certified Organic CBD products.  


“We have clients from professional athletes to firefighters, military, law enforcement, and more. We are passionate about educating people and providing products of unmatched quality and exceptional value. We are committed to continuously strive to elevate the science of CBD and hemp-derived products.”

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