Guaranteed Quality From Seed to Sale

bZen Organics was not the first company to sell organic CBD products but strives to be the best at it. bZen Organics was founded in 2017 with a simple mission to develop an effective line of organic products and treat its clients like family. Choosing a CBD company isn’t about influencers or ads, it’s about trust and transparency.

We didn’t start our company with the vision of getting wealthy, we started our company with the mindset that if you make helping people your priority, growth and prosperity will follow. No fluff, no B.S. we make CBD products of uncompromised quality and exceptional value. 


The USDA Certified Organic CBD Journey

From The Farm to The Bottle, bZen Organics is CBD You Can Trust

A Symbol of Trust

The USDA Certified Organic seal is granted for use by applicants that pass stringent organic farming protocols. USDA Organic certification assures that no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides have been used in the cultivation of our hemp. Our USDA Organic CBD products are guaranteed to be the highest quality and purity.

Quality Begins With the Seeds and Soil

In the cultivation of USDA Certified Organic hemp, growers may only use organic seeds. Land which the hemp is cultivated must have had no prohibited substances applied to it for at least 3 years before the harvest of an organic crop.

Organic Farming Practices

The fertility of the soil and nutrients for the crops are managed through crop rotations. Crops are fertilized with animal and crop waste. Crop pests, weeds, and diseases are controlled primarily through management practices versus utilizing inorganic herbicides and pesticides. 

Extracting Bio-mass

Our USDA Certified CBD oil is made using  CO2 supercritical extraction. CO2 Extraction is known to be the purest and most natural way to extract CBD and requires with little-to-no post-processing, assuring that our products are free from contaminants, toxins and chlorophyll. 

Safe Labeling

Did you know? Recent studies show that 70% of all CBD products are mislabeled and don’t contain the amount of CBD suggested on the label. USDA organic certification requires 3rd party lab tests to assure that what you see on the label is accurately reflected on the bottle. 

Inspected Throughout the Supply Chain

Farms and packaging facilities are subject to both annual and random inspections from a USDA Certifier. USDA Certification means that your products are safe throughout the supply chain, from the farm to finished product. 

Lab Tested

Some companies test only the CBD and not the finished products. We batch test each product for purity and potency. A quick scan of the QR code on your product will show the lab results. All of our products are farm bill compliant. 

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